Southern California Tree and Landscape, Inc.


Property Description

Torrance Medical Plaza is a 2.46 acre, multi-tenant office facility in Torrance, CA.

Torrance Medical Plaza

Torrance, CA

Office – Medical Office

2019 – Current

A local asset management company recently reached out to us for the first time regarding one of their most highly visible buildings, The Torrance Medical Plaza.

They were looking to clean up overgrown trees and landscape and improve the overall curb appeal of the property.

We came in and immediately trimmed the long-neglected palm trees, and removed all of the broken, outdated, and inefficient irrigation systems that were unnecessarily raising water costs. We then installed new water efficient valves, spray heads, and drip tubing.

We completed the project by installing beautiful new drought-tolerant plants throughout the property, thoroughly transforming the overall aesthetic and increasing water efficiency for the entire plaza.

We currently take care of the grounds on a weekly basis with one of our regular maintenance crews.

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