Southern California Tree and Landscape, Inc.


Property Description

Commercial property in Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Medical

Sherman Oaks, CA


2019 – Current

The owner of this medical building contracted us for a complete overhaul of their property’s landscape. The building had been vacant, but a new tenant had been secured and was moving in shortly, thus accelerating the need for high quality landscaping.

Due to the tight time constraints, we allocated additional labor and worked nonstop to ensure the readiness of the property prior to move-in.

We built a new irrigation system, installing smart controllers and laying over 6,000 feet of drip tube. We built new planter boxes, and placed numerous 24″ box trees along with a wide array of drought friendly plants throughout the property.

The property is now occupied, highly trafficked, and boasts a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Before After