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Paramount Pictures is an iconic American film studio, and the last of the “Big Five” studios to be located in Hollywood. Founded in 1912, it is the fifth oldest film studio in the world and the second oldest in the US.

Paramount Pictures Corporation
Hollywood, CA
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Film Studio
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Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures has had a hand in some of the most iconic movies all time, including Titanic, Indiana Jones, and The Godfather. Their studio location itself has become instantly recognizable in the industry.

Just as they do in their movies, Paramount holds their studio appearance and landscaping quality in the highest regard.

So when it’s time for landscape installations, critical irrigation repair, or heavy duty tree work, Paramount calls us. We’ve done everything from trimming stories-high parking structure hedges to planting dozens of mature 30 foot Queen palms. We’ve worked around filming schedules, studio tours, and tight production deadlines.

Most recently, we installed dog relief areas throughout the park (pictured below).