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Property Description

The California State University System is the largest public four-year system of higher education in the country. The Chancellor oversees all campuses in the university system statewide.

California State University System

Long Beach, CA

Office Headquarters


Located in Long Beach, CA, the Office of the Chancellor serves as the headquarters for the CSU Chancellor, whose responsibilities include overseeing CSU’s 23 campuses, 450,000+ students, and 50,000+ staff and faculty members. The office serves as a hub for CSU administration, meetings, and various events.

By working with us at Southern California Tree & Landscape, the Chancellor’s office is able to maintain their dedication both to high standards and good stewardship.

Throughout our 20+ years working with them, we’ve collaborated to install native and drought tolerant plants. We’ve upgraded and repaired irrigation systems to ensure conservation of water and eliminate excessive runoff. And we continue to maintain the beautiful office park that they call home.