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Property Description

Marymount California University is a beautiful four-year university with two campuses and a nearby section of villas for student housing.

Marymount California University

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

University Campus


Marymount California University is uniquely positioned on a sprawling campus in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes. Between their two campus and nearby student housing villas, there is a wide variety and arrangement of landscaping that needs constant monitoring and maintenance.

Marymount’s landscaping plays a crucial role in the holistic aesthetic of the campus. From the moment you drive in, past intricately designed entrance installations, through the neatly trimmed trees sprinkled throughout the school, the campus is alive with vibrant flora and abuzz with daily activity .

With regular classes, prospective student tours, and important special events such as graduation, it is vital that the grounds are always kept in top shape. That’s why Marymount partners with us at SoCal Tree & Landscape. They know that when they need something – even last minute installations or special event cleanups – we’ll be there to get it done.