Southern California Tree and Landscape, Inc.


Property Description

Residential property located in the coastal community of Manhattan Beach

Private Individual

Manhattan Beach, CA

Single Family Residence


While our client and their family had lived at their home for over 20 years, they had never fully taken advantage of their backyard space, and it remained as mostly dirt area with some neglected grass. 

In 2016 the client decided to have Southern California Tree & Landscape come in for a complete overhaul and re-imagination of the backyard layout.
Once the design was finalized, we went in and did the necessary demo, graded the yard, and installed a brand new irrigation system along with the landscape planting. For the hardscape, we installed a tile water fountain area, a pergola, and rock fire pit sitting area. 

Each step was meticulously designed and planned out, resulting in a finished product that the client says has completely changed the feel of the property, and is now one of the highlights of the entire home – perfect for leisure, relaxation, and entertaining.