Property Description

70 unit beachfront condominium association

The Meridian HOA
Long Beach, CA
Property Type
Project Dates
2010 – Current
Meridian Condos

The Meridian Condos

The Meridian is a an oceanfront high-rise condominium complex in Long Beach with amenities such as a swimming pool and outdoor cooking area. It encompasses the whole area from the main street to the beach, and is partially built into the downward sloping hillside.

While this makes for an incredible location with breathtaking ocean views, it also presents difficulties for landscaping. In 2010, when SoCal Tree was brought in for a large scale installation project, we knew we were up for the challenge.

We ended up installing irrigation and plants in a large number of planters throughout the property, especially in the highly utilized common pool and cooking area. This required us to haul large quantities of soil to the elevated pool area, and work in a way so as to disturb the owners as little as possible during construction.

With the successful implementation of our design, we continue to maintain both the interior and exterior trees and landscaping at this beautiful property.